Assoc. Prof. Dr. Do Vo Anh Khoa
APE2019 Vice President
Themes in Animal Science

  • Animal breeding and genetics
  • Animal feed and nutrition
  • Animal reproduction
  • Animal biotechnology
  • Animal behavior and welfare
  • Animal products quality
  • Animal management & bussiness
  • Veterinary science

Themes in Environment

  • Environmental treatment and management in animal production
  • Environment and climate change
  • Agro-ecosystem


The First International Conference on Animal Production and Environment (APE2012) was held by Can Tho University (Vietnam) from 13-14 December, 2012. At that time, more than 1,500 participants/guests and 27 companies from many different countries in the world such as USA, Germany, Japan, Belgium, India, Iran, Colombia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Thailand, Korea, South Africa, and Indonesia were welcomed. The final program consisted of 70 oral presentations and 20 exhibition booths.

This time, APE2019, held by both Can Tho University and Animal Husbandry Association of Vietnam from 18-19 September, 2019 aimed at (i) exchanging and sharing orientations and strategies, scientific and technical advances in the field of animal husbandry, veterinary medicine, environment and other related fields; as well as (ii) establishing and building relationships between Institutes/Universities/Agencies/Enterprises to promote training/research contents for livestock production and environment issue, as well as development in the integration trend. Therefore, the APE2019 is focused on (i) Themes in Animal Science containing sessions for Animal Breeding and Genetics, Animal Feed and Nutrition, Animal Reproduction, Animal Biotechnology, Animal Behavior and Welfare, Animal Products Quality as well as Veterinary Science; and (ii) Themes in Environment including sessions for Environmental Treatment and Management in Animal Production, Environment and Climate Change, and Agro-ecosystem.

We sincerely hope all delegates will enjoy this time of coming together, sharing ideas as well as activating the advancement in knowledge and friendship.


This event was organized in strong agreement of Can Tho University (Plan no. 01/KH-BMCN on 19/2/2019, Decision no. 899/QD-DHCT on 27/3/2019) and Animal Husbandry Association of Vietnam (Document no. 15-CV/HCN on 11/2/2019) as well as in wonderful collaboration of research programs A3, E3, E6 and E7 funded by in part by the Can Tho University Improvement Project VN14-P6 and supported by a Japanese ODA loan.